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General information on OpenMaXwell and its Field Solvers

OpenMaXwell is a graphics platform that contains advanced input/output for the model definition and visualization of electromagnetic fields.

Its main field solver is the Multiple Multipole Program (MMP). The MMP implementation in OpenMaXwell is most advanced and may handle various tasks ranging from statics, electromagnetic scattering, guided waves, resonators to demanding tasks such as gratings, Photonic Crystals (PhCs), PhC waveguides and cavities, waveguide discontinuities etc.

OpenMaXwell also contains two types of Finite Differences (FD) solvers, the Generalized FD (GFD) solver and the Predefined FD (PFD) solver. The former is based on the OpenMaXwell formula interpreter. Therefore, it is very slow but general in the sense that it allows the user the define his own FD operators for irregular grids that are also defined by the OpenMaXwell formula interpreter. PFD is a standard FDTD implementation for 2D and 3D electromagnetic scattering that benefits from OpenMaXwell modelling features.

The OpenMaXwell formula interpreter may also be used for obtaining relatively simple analytic solutions and for defining simple conformal mapping.

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