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Responsible for this web page: Christian Hafner, Computational Optics Group, IEF, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Last update 17.02.2014 (Downloads below might be newer)

Until 2013, I used the name OpenMaX, which conflicts with another popular software, OpenMAX. In order to avoid confusion, OpenMaXwell is used since 2014.

February 14, I installed MS Visual Studio 2010 and Intel Fortran Composer 2011. It seems that this solved many problems that could occur especially in 64 bit versions of OpenMaXwell. Therefore, I strongly recommend to download and use new versions. Unfortunately, this requires an additional DLL: libiomp5md.dll. This DLL should be contained in the Redistributable Libraries for the Intel Visual Fortan Compiler for Windows, which can be downloaded from Intel: Note that I used the complier version 11.1.070, i.e. most likely 11.1 update 7 on the Intel web site.

Removed bugs

New features


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Downloads of the source code


Downloads from MaX-1

Since OpenMaXwell can read project files created with MaX-1, you may download numerous project files, tutorials, etc. from the MaX-1 download page.

Known problems

OpenMaXwell does not run correctly


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