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Executables and Source download

OpenMaXwell is based on MaX-1 - Get the original MaX-1 package

The concept of OpenMaXwell is based on MaX-1. MaX-1 contains additional features, such as a Generalized Finite Difference Solver. The original MaX-1 package (without source code) is sold by John Wiley& Sons, Chichester: If you encounter problems obtaining MaX-1 from Wiley directly, try Amazon (search for: max-1 hafner) and let me know by email.

Note: Until 2013, OpenMaXwell was distributed under the name OpenMaX. In order to avoid confusion with OpenMAX, it was renamed in 2014.

OpenMaXwell contains the most advanced MMP solver - Find original MMP packages

2D and 3D Multiple Multipole Programs (MMP) are highlights of OpenMaXwell. These Maxwell solvers are based on a semi-analytic boundary discretization method, which allows one to obtain highly accurate results.

Examples of advanced projects (contained in ZIP files, without project descriptions)

Note: OpenMaXwell may load MaX-1 projects. Sometimes some warnings are displayed. In most cases OpenMaXwell will set proper default values for variables that were missing in the older version.

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